Parallel Prophecies

The largest obstacle I was facing going into the project was path finding. I will be taking a Game AI course next semester, but as of the start of this project I had no real experience with this specialty, despite my interest in it.

My approach to this challenge was to research. I’d heard the A* algorithm mentioned by one of my teachers, so that was my starting point. What I found was a tutorial that used pseudo-code, with the real code example being non-applicable to Unity. Another problem I found was that the tutorial didn’t properly cover how to prune off dead end paths, which was another challenge to implement.

In the end, however, I prevailed. I arrived at a reasonably fast if inelegant solution,  involving traversing the closed list backwards and stepping back if a dead end is reached. I also, much to my chagrin, discovered the existence of Vector2Int after I had completed my implementation, which passes around arrays of integers for coordinate values. I also realized, in hindsight, that even if Vector2Int didn’t exist I should have made a struct to implement it myself.

Download the Demo Here!


Avery Dibble, Tyler Chapman


Marianna Mesanna, Makayla Montes


Emmett Brown


Ryan Murphy