Games Portfolio

Cat Game / Dog Game

Cute gatcha games with a heavy social aspect. Collect and show off cute animals, play minigames, join a club and compete with others to earn the most points in events. I joined after the success of Cat Game, but helped bring Dog Game from concept to launch.


Monolithic is 1 vs 1 strategy game that straddles the line between an RTS and a MOBA. After Incarcerum failed to make it through cuts, I joined Monolithic’s team for Senior Production. Read about my part in development here.


This was a class project for my Capstone class. It is a vertical slice of a boss rush game that uses a ‘time echo’ mechanic that lets the player fight alongside their past attempts as they work towards defeating a powerful boss.

Informed RRT* Demo

This is a class project where the Informed RRT* algorithm was implemented in the Unity Engine as a proof of concept for it’s use in games. It’s one of the most interesting, although not particularly useful, projects I’ve worked on.

Boot Sequence

This is a class project from my Production class, made in the Unity engine. It is an up to four player co-op dungeon crawler with procedural generated levels. It implements a small modification of the algorithm used in my Informed RRT* demo.

Warp Warriors

This is a class project from my Advanced Seminar in Game Programming class, made in the Unity engine. It is a first person arena deathmatch shooter where you has both a hitscan oneshot gun and a portal gun.

Solar Defense System

This is a tower defense game meant to be played with the DJ Hero Turntable, made in the Unity Engine.



An 100% non-friction experience.

This is a space themed 1v1 top down shooter with the simple goal of destroying the enemy ship, made in the Unity Engine. There is but one complication: in space, there’s nothing to slow you down.