Warp Warriors

Warp Warriors is a fast paced, first person arena deathmatch shooter designer around the idea that portals can be used to traverse the level. The player can both shoot enemies and place portals around the level. This project was a collaboration between me and Mark Botaish for our Advanced Seminar in Game Programming class.

The theory behind our design is to make the player feel anxious and excited. They won’t have any idea where an enemy might come from which slowly build anxiety as they search around, and with a short time-to-kill action comes in quick, intense bursts of excitement.

My main focus was on core gameplay systems while Mark focused on networking and UI. I designed and programmed the movement and shooting mechanics, as well as the portal camera and rendering system. Every portal has a camera associated with it that combines stenciling with a render texture and a system that positions the camera relative to it’s portal as the player is to the other portal. This allows the player to see what is on the other side of the portal that they are looking through.

We limited portal placements to vertical surfaces to avoid the player gathering too much momentum and causing problems with Unity’s physics system and collision.


DISCLAIMER: None of the art besides the level pieces is our work, and none of the sounds or music are our work.



Extract folder from download file to anywhere.

Launch Portal2ShooterBoogaloo.exe

Choose settings and click play.

Select either ‘Host’ or ‘Client’. Clients must enter the IP of an active host in order to join a game.