Untitled Wizard Platform Fighting Game


Concept art for Untitled Wizard Platform Fighting Game

This game is themed around a world where magic exists, but there is a large amount of prejudice against people who can use it. All the fighters would be real wizards, although some of them might hide true magic by pretending it’s just slight of hand tricks.

My work so far has been focused on implementing the base level mechanics and systems that the game needs to function. The only major hurdle so far was figuring out Unity’s raycasting to detect when a player is grounded or airborne.

I approached this by going straight to the Unity API and reading up on the system. Unity’s documentation is extensive, and it proved to be far less challenging than expected.

Lead Programmer:

Avery Dibble


Ben Strong

Lead Designer:

Leonardo Robles-Gonzalez


Samuel Scott, Timothy Carbone

Lead Artist:

Riley Morrissey


JJ Robertson, Jonah Vita, Leanna Russel


Brett Schwartz